Errands :(

So far, the biggest downside to being on campus all day every day is that I don’t have the same amount of time available for doing errands.

Sure, there are still the same number of hours in the day, but now more of them are pre-committed. I still have the same evening commitments that I had before. But before, I could go to the grocery store, or do laundry, or clean my place during the day. Now, I don’t have that freedom.

Which reminds me of when I was working full time, and I also had this same problem. School spoils you when it comes to errands. You can usually take time off in the middle of the day to get the task done. You can schedule appointments and not have to worry about it being outside of work hours. You can hit the grocery store when it’s nice and empty. You don’t have to compete for access to the laundry machine. The bank has crappy hours? No problem, you can still fit it in.

Now, I find I’m trying to squeeze even more out of my waking hours than before. Planning how to squeeze laundry in, one load at a time. And finding the one day where the bank has hours late enough I can possibly make it in time.

Today, I’m excited since I don’t need to stay on campus all day, as my student has a commitment for the day. However, I still need to go in, as I have some errands that require me to be on campus. But I’m planning a half day, and then will try to cram in multiple laundry loads in the afternoon, since I successfully got my loonies last Friday. And if I get enough done, I shouldn’t have to worry about it until next week, at the earliest. Just over 3 weeks until I can stay home again. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Errands :(

    • I don’t notice that problem, probably because I find that my availability usually includes the normal working hours availability as well.

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