Editing Block

Normally I love editing work. Why? Because it means you’re almost done. And, most of the time, the final work ends up being a decently large (if not huge) improvement over the earlier draft(s).

In fact, I was actually excited when I finished my candidacy draft to start editing it. Which is all good, except that I haven’t actually started editing it. Why? I don’t know. It feels like my subconscious is fighting me over this. It’s not that I haven’t had time (I have). It’s just that I can’t even convince myself to switch over to the document to even start editing it. It’s all very frustrating. So I’m suffering editing block (I’d call it writers block, but the writing is technically done (unless I find big problems), and so I’m calling it editing block).

I am hoping that by putting this out there, my brain will finally decide that I’m allowed to start editing. I was suppose to have an edited version sent to my supervisor already. And now I’m behind by close to a week! Thankfully my supervisor is busy right now and is not waiting for my paper to keep busy (what are the odds of that ever happening?).

I think I might be scared as to what I’ll find when I start editing. Terribly written paragraphs? No actual flow to the whole document? Choppy sections? It was such a struggle to write, that I’d be surprised if it reads at all smoothly. But that’s where editing is suppose to come in and fix it!

I mentioned, only half-joking, to my sister that she should edit it for me, as I have done in the past for her. But, to be honest, I don’t think it’s fit for consumption by anybody right now – not until I’ve done at least a solid editing pass.

My procrastination from editing has payed off in other ways. I’ve finally made it through other (smaller and less important) tasks and done very important things like baking chocolate nutella cookies (oh so yummy). I’ve cleaned my apartment and done multiple loads of laundry. I’ve continued to write posts for this blog. And I’ve made all my planned runs and climbs.

I’m hoping that today I can finally buckle down and just get through it. Any tips for getting over editing block?


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