Random collection of articles

I’ve had a few tabs open to some articles I’ve been meaning to share. This seemed like a good time to share them.

How free is academic freedom? – the Globe and Mail
How much influence do donations to universities have on their academic freedom?

A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College – the New York Times
This article focuses more on undergrad debt, but does make one think about how much debt is reasonable to take on for a degree. Something that grad students should also be thinking about, as the job field isn’t all that great at the moment for many (most) areas.  However, also realize that while they state in the article that only 3% have more than $100,000 in debt, the article acts like it’s quite common.

The Valley of Shit – The Thesis Whisperer
An article about that time during your grad program where you lose confidence in yourself.

The quandary of students texting in class – University Affairs
Sort of shocking (or not shocking) study on how oblivious students are when they think that others don’t notice them using their cell phones in class. Something to remember when you’re tempted to pull yours out in a meeting.


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