Chatting with other professors

Over the past month, I’ve had a few opportunities to discuss my research with professors at other universities. And, usually, professors not in computer science. Which is always very interesting.

So interesting, that, should your research have even the slightest bit of interdisciplinary-ness to it, I highly recommend it. For a few reasons:

  1. I find different departments have very different “standards” or ideas around publishing. You might find out about other journals or conferences you should consider.
  2. They will present a view on your research that you’re likely missing, and  this can provide you with more avenues to explore.
  3. It’s likely they will know of some research that somewhat relates to your research that you should know about, but may not have come across on your own.
  4. You will eventually need people for your committee who are external (either department or university). Someone who has followed your research may be interested in becoming one of these people. And, someone following your research, is likely interested in what you do, and wants you to succeed (not a bad thing for a committee member).

Also, you never know what kind of advice they may offer you. In one of my conversations, with a fairly new professor (he graduated only a couple of years ago), we talked about preparing for candidacy. And he gave me his view of how his went and tips he had. And then told me that he thought I’d have no problem, because I had no issues discussing my research with him, and was able to easily answer questions on it. So that was nice to hear, and helped (a little bit) with some of my fears. (Of course, nothing to fear if I can’t get this document done.)

Another professor was interested in looking at how his and my research can be combined. Whether directly, or him using my set-up to test out some of his theories. Either way, it would be great to have happen. I’m all for collaborating, but it’s often difficult to get going.

Do you find you get many chances to talk to professors outside of your field about your research? Or other professors in your field, but outside of your university?


One thought on “Chatting with other professors

  1. I don’t chat with other professors nearly enough. While I’ll be able to grab the ear of faculty advisors for computer science club meetings and talk about research for a bit, I don’t find myself in places where I talk with professors other than in their office in a scheduled time slot.

    Of course, the professors who make it a point to get out to these departmental and University functions are generally the ones who are moer sociable and easier to talk to! 😀

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