A new name

At one of my research group meetings recently, renaming the group was discussed. It’s not that there was something wrong with the (now) old name. It was more that the group’s focus has shifted over the last couple of years and the old name no longer accurately reflected all the work being done by the group.

For me, this was a welcome change, as my research is one of the ones that has been straying from the original goal of the group. And our new name better reflects everything we’re doing. I’m not convinced it’s the best name we could have, but it’s definitely a step up from the last one at better representing all of us.

I do think it will take a while for this new name to catch on. I find myself still calling us by our old name. We’ve had the old name for (I’m guessing) around 8 years! And the old name is still going to be used, but it’ll now refer to part of the group work instead of the group as a whole. But given time, renaming (and designing) our groups website, and a chance for ourselves to get use to the new name, I imagine it won’t feel so odd in a few months.

On the topic of a new name, leads me to my thoughts about this blog. I haven’t been super attached to the of this blog (partly because it’s so long), but I couldn’t come up with something better when I was initially naming it. However, I still occasionally think about renaming it, I just really don’t have any better ideas. So, if you have a suggestion, feel free to leave it in the comments.


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