January 2nd and resolutions are done?

Oops, it’s only the second day of the new year, and I feel like my resolutions are already slipping away. But I started off this year on the wrong note, waking up sick on the first. Although, I won’t be back on campus until next week, so I still have a few days to get stuff sorted out.

It’s also much harder coming up with topics when I’m not at school or busy doing a lot of school related tasks. Not to say I don’t have a to-do list, it’s just difficult to fit any of them in when I’m not at home and not able to maintain even close to my normal schedule.

I have managed a couple of times to focus on work, but I’m definitely behind, and when I head back home later this week it’s going to need to be a “full speed ahead” final days and weekend to try and catch up and get ready for next week.

While all of this is frustrating, I can’t be too annoyed with myself. I really do need this time to rest and take a break from the normal academic setting. I found throughout December that my back was getting tighter and tighter and the stress seemed to be piling up. I was taking breaks and still running, but it was no longer enough. My back is finally starting too loosen up and I’m back to being in a better frame of mind about everything I need to do and what’s worth stressing over.

Anyway, I won’t promise that I’ll have a post at a reasonable time on Wednesday, but I’ll try. At the very least, I should be back to a normal schedule by next week. And I’ll work to start posting in the morning, not the evening.

And, because I’m not sure I’ve said it: Happy New Year!


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