December Plans

It’s about halfway through December and I’ve already finished all my scheduled meetings for the month which is such an odd feeling. I leave early next week for some “vacation” time, but I use quotes because I still do have stuff to work on – just not a lot.

However, I really have a lot less to work on then I hoped. I’m stuck in that period of waiting that always seems to go on forever and ever. Actually, I only really have two tasks to work on up through early January:

  • Continue to play around with the software I installed and hopefully find a bunch of good examples for my research
  • Wait for some work to be done by a colleague and then (fingers crossed) finish off the experiment design (which should take very little time once I get the updates)

I really wish my list was much longer and more thorough. I find it’s easier to be productive when there’s a longer to-do list. And there are a couple more items I can add, but they’re not concrete enough to be able to completely finish or spend too much time on.

  • There is a semi-firm plan that I will be having my candidacy exam next semester, but it’s not quite at the point that I can really work on the document. I may sketch out some ideas though.
  • I also need to think about working on a short four page paper (but that’s not due for a couple of months). However the structure and contents of this paper will depend on whether or not we can run the experiment and get some data before it’s due.

On the plus side, I will hopefully get a chance to really relax over the next few weeks and get my stress level back under control before starting the new semester. I already do have a bunch of stuff that will need to get done over the next semester:

  • Meet with supervisory committee and finalize candidacy plans, write candidacy document, go through candidacy
  • Actually run experiment, analyze data from experiment, find conference/journal to submit to and write paper about experiment
  • Write paper for mini conference
  • Continue to organize and execute mini conference duties
  • Sort out how to start step 2 of proposal – and then actually start

I know I shouldn’t be disappointed with my short to-do list and should probably actually be happy about it. But it feels like if my list isn’t very long then I’m not making much progress through my degree. I know that’s not true but it doesn’t make it feel any better.


2 thoughts on “December Plans

  1. Careful. Don’t let your advisor catch you writing this. They’ll find more work for you. 🙂

    I know what you mean, though. After clearing up my exams, all that’s left on my to-do list is “work on your paper”, so that’s what I’ll be doing for the rest of the month!

    • My supervisor knows what I have to do so I’m not worried. And, of course since I posted, another project has been brought to the forefront and is going to require a lot of work over the next few weeks. So back to being busy. 🙂

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