Halfway through the fall semester

I can’t believe how quickly time seems to be disappearing this year. It feels like yesterday I had a summer student and was working on ethics for my experiment. Now, we’re already more than halfway through October, and the end of the semester is almost in sight.

There have been emails going out at my university advertising “take back the semester” type programs to get you back on track if the first half didn’t go so well. Thankfully, I’ve been done courses for a while, so I can ignore them. Of course, that doesn’t really mean I feel like I’m on top of everything, just that a course on how to study for an exam better or get caught up on assignments is going to help.

Grad school can often be so frustrating because you spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting to hear back about a paper. Waiting to hear results from an experiment. Waiting to get information you need to proceed from others. And right now, I’m definitely waiting for some information so I can finally finalize my experiment.

I’m also trying desperately not to get sick. I’ve been feeling kind of off the last couple of days, so that’s been a bit of a challenge. I’m also feeling kind of loopy, you know the “not quite all here” feeling? One task I both really should be working on, and really want to be working on, requires me to write. And to write coherently. And that requires being able to think coherently for more than a few minutes at a time. (There’s a reason this post is coming so late in the day.)

So for now, I’m taking it easy, watching a little Firefly, and planning on an early night. I’d say TGIF, except I’m not sure this weekend is going to be an easier, and my task list is only going to get longer. Oh well, that’s something to worry about tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Halfway through the fall semester

  1. I know what you mean. I was just thinking, “is it already time for me to pay the rent again?”

    Of course, even though time seems to be going by faster, it always feels like it’ll be forever before I get my next stipend. o_o

    • Yeah, there’s some weird time warp thingy when it comes to being paid. Work/study/research time flies by, and yet the next paycheck always seems so far off in the distance.

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