The Current – Are university students more entitled then ever?

CBC has a program called The Current where they discuss various topics each day. On Wednesday, they were talking to Ken Coates about his book (co-written with Bill Morrison) “Campus Confidential: 100 startling things you don’t know about Canadian universities” and Emma Godmere a student who works for the Canadian University Press about entitled students.

It’s a pretty long program – about 25 minutes in total. But it’s actually really interesting. I, personally, side much more with Dr. Coates than Ms. Godmere. There’s a few times that Ms. Godmere’s comments are pretty good examples of why people say this generation is so entitled.

I do think it’s worth a listen, and it can be found and listened to here. Looks like you can actually download podcasts of their full episodes as well. But don’t expect them to be primarily about education.

They are talking specifically about undergrads, but some of the stuff I’ve seen applies to grad students. But, I think grad students are probably in the most interesting position in this, in that they are both students and teachers. And so, often as grad students, we both see this behaviour in our students, but many of us (unfortunately) also exhibit this behaviour.


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