A few articles on grad students…

My mind is disagreeing on what to write for my post this morning. So I’ve decided instead to share a few links that I’ve come across in the past week.

Professor loses bid to rescind student’s PhD – I’m not completely sure where I stand on all the issues raised in this article. But I do have a couple of first impressions. 1) I’m disappointed in the GSA for wanting this professor to be suspended after raising legitimate concerns. It’s one thing to give the student a concession on exams, but the accused student didn’t even take all the classes required! 2) $25,000 and 840 work hours to get access to all documents that have his name on them? Yikes!

PhD to be investigated amid further suspicion of research misconduct – I find it really scary and sad how far some people manage to make it in the world when it’s all built upon a lie. How did he manage to get into a second grad school after his first supervisor was sure he was faking data? And didn’t that information get passed to his new supervisor so he could be watched more carefully?

Teaching Aids Research Skills of Grad Students, Study Says – This makes sense to me. Unfortunately, in my department, if you have a scholarship, it’s very unlikely that you will be able to TA. And, we also only get to assist through labs, seminars, and marking. Rarely does a grad student in my department actually teach a class.









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