Summer is almost over

I know we’re approaching the end of summer because my high school intern has only a few more days left. Which is both a little sad and a little relieving.

It’ll be nice that I won’t have to be on campus by 9am and stay until at least 5pm. I’ll be able to get errands done during the day. I’ll switch back over to the lab I prefer and finally feel warm. (I seem to sit in a microclimate in my current lab, where I freeze all day long, with cold air blowing on me. I definitely can’t wait to leave my current seat.) I’ll no longer feel guilty about surfing the web while my thoughts ponder some aspect of my research. I won’t have to make sure there’s enough stuff for the intern to do. And I won’t be edgy waiting for someone to pop over my shoulder to see what I’m doing.

On the other hand, I won’t have someone who seems genuinely interested in my research asking about my progress day to day. And I won’t get to see those moments when the intern finally gets something or does something I’ve done a 1000 times but it becomes a wow moment for them. It’s nice to be reminded that those little things can be so exciting. Like printing a poster and seeing your work blow up to 3′ x 4′ for the first time! Or getting something to work that’s been driving you crazy and realizing that you have the knowledge to solve the problem yourself.

It feels like both the intern has been around for ever and yet just started and so it’s sad that it’s coming to an end. But hopefully, at the very least, our intern is now inspired to try out a computer science course at some point in the near future and consider it as a possible career path.


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