A weekend off?

It was really weird. I normally work on weekends, as I like to split my work over more days (instead of long 8 hour days). But because of my productivity last week, I didn’t actually feel like I really needed to work this weekend. Which was the oddest feeling ever.

But it was actually kind of stressful. I’m use to working (or thinking about working) all the time. I’m use to trying to figure out how to get my motivation back. What do I need to do next and what little thing can I cross off my list. And without that normal pressure made for a very different weekend. And one where I felt like I should be working, but I didn’t have a to-do list specifically for the weekend.

Thankfully, I’ve still been working on getting over my cold – so getting lots of sleep has been high in my priorities. And I did – sleep a lot. I read part of a book. I watched a few movies. I got out for a run. I went grocery shopping (which I’m use to doing during the week with less people in the stores). But most of all, I relaxed!

I hope that this week I’m equally (or more so) productive, so that I can have another oddly relaxing weekend and have guilt free time to do what want to do. Even if it means doing a little research (which I admit to doing this past weekend).

Hey, this motivation thing (plus lack of guilt) is really good for productivity.


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