8 hour workdays?

I know a lot of grad students who put in 8+ hour days. And often those days are spent on campus. I’m the type of person who goes crazy sitting in my lab for that long. And I’ll admit that there are many days I put in less than 8 hours, but I also usually do some work on the weekends, and have days where I put in well over 8 hours.

But now that I have a summer student, 8 hour work days are going to become the norm for me. I’m suppose to be (or at least it’s highly recommended) that I try to be on campus during the same hours as my student, and they’re expected to put in a 35 hr work week (not counting lunch time). AHHH!!!!

Today is day three for me, and so far, I have to say, I’m actually being productive! I think it’s because most of these days so far, I’ve been sitting on the other side of a wall (it’s a half wall, but when sitting I can’t see anyone else) from everyone else in the room.

I find sitting in the lab not super productive because there are people to talk to. Also, I usually can never get comfortable with the table/chair set up I have. This time, while I’m still not very comfortable, I do have a cold which is making it easier for me to zone out and not get caught up in thoughts about comfort. I’m to busy thinking “can I still breathe?”

While on Day 1 I didn’t get here until after 10, I’ve since been on campus by 9am. I have been ducking out before my student – as I find it difficult to stick around after 4:30/5pm rolls around. But I’ll try to stick around that long today, so I actually know when my student actually leaves. I do have to sign their time sheets.

How many hours do you normally put in? And where: Are they on campus? In your lab? At home? In the library or a coffee shop?


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