Planning (or stressing) for Europe

Sorry for not updating earlier, but my mind has been occupied with planning my upcoming trip. Or, more accurately, stressing about it. 

Did I mention I’m going to Europe? I have a poster at a conference that’s coming up in a hurry. And I’ve been spending (wasting?) a lot of time researching and “planning” my trip. I wish I could say I was actually planning, but I keep coming across new and different information about places to stay and things to do. Much of this trip is going to be a step outside my comfort zone (or a leap). I’ve travelled lots, but never alone before – outside of the actual flying part.

Anyway, each time I go to do some more research, I find myself looking up backpacks, searching out ways to use my phone overseas, train routes, and hostels. It’s also making it difficult for me to keep track of time. It’s amazing how quickly time passes as you read reviews, and follow new nuggets of information and start searching down new paths.

So, if any of you have ever done much traveling, do you have any pieces of advice? Right now I’m looking at getting the MEC Pangea 40, since it’s small enough to be a carry on. However, I’m a little worried it’ll be too small.


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