Staring out the window…

I don’t have anything bright, witty, or otherwise to say today. Instead, I’m currently sitting in my lab, staring out the window at the surprisingly nice weather we’re having.

I have a long list of tasks to get done (I head out of town tomorrow), but am wishing I could just go enjoy the sun.

Doesn’t it always feel like when it’s dreary outside, there’s no demanding pressing work that has to be done right now, but when it’s nice out there is? I’m off to meetings soon, where I’ll spend most of my afternoon in rooms with small windows and I won’t be able to stare out them.

So I guess, I might as well enjoy these few minutes of bliss, before I need to turn away and get back to work.

(Helps, that there’s now a trio of smokers outside to watch. They’re kind of ruining the view. Work it is.)


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