Camera-Ready papers

Should you get a paper accepted to a conference, there’s always a deadline not long after for the “camera-ready” version. The terminology always bugs me – it has nothing to do with a camera. But what they mean, is they want you to go through your paper, and edit it again using the advice of the reviewers, polish it up, add in acknowledgement sections (if you need/want one), etc.

I recently got a paper accepted (yay!) but only as a poster (😦). This isn’t terrible, of course, as it’s still being published. And since it was accepted based on the paper I wrote, after being reviewed, I’ve been informed it counts as a refereed paper – which is great!

The problem here, is that the paper I submitted was eight pages long. Because it’s been accepted as a poster, I’m only allowed to have a three (3!) page paper. And I’ve got less than two weeks to pare it down. Yikes!

It is often the case that poster’s only get a short paper (or possibly just an abstract) in the conference proceedings. It’s a little sad, actually, as often the short paper limit vastly restricts what you were going to originally say. There’s no way I can say even half of what I want to in three pages versus the eight. There are some conferences that still publish full papers for posters.

Anyway, I’m focusing on being happy that it was accepted at all and that I get to travel to this conference. It feels like a whirlwind since I got accepted, as I’ve been registering for the conference, booking hotels and looking into flights.

Once I get this paper done and submitted, I’ll have to move on to making my poster. I’ll write a post about that when I get to it. Poster making is usually both fun and frustrating as you try to convey as much as possible in the fewest number of words.


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