Share what you find

Just a really short post for today.

One of the things I really like about my department, is that we have research groups. I meet with my research group once a week and I know what everyone in it is doing. We bounce ideas off of each other, share insights and pass along good news.

I’ve been reading lots of papers as I try to clarify, narrow and finalize my research topic. I need to know what other people have already done so I don’t try to “reinvent the wheel.” Because I know what other in my group are researching, I have been able to identify papers that cross over into their research areas and pass these along.

This is something I’ve benefited from before. I’ve received similar emails when others who know what I’m researching have stumbled across something they thought I should know about.

Sharing what you discover is part of being a grad student. You should try to share articles, papers, and news that you come across with other who will find it interesting. In order to be a better grad student, you need to know what is going on in your field. And the more you share with others, the more they’ll be ready and willing to do the same with you.


2 thoughts on “Share what you find

  1. Have you ever used Mendeley? I find it super helpful because i’m in a very small research group, and The stuff I’m studying is very different from others in my group. Not only does Mendeley keep my stuff organized, but it also has online groups based on interest, so i can share what I find with people that have similar interests to me.

    • I haven’t. But thanks for the pointer. I’ve downloaded it and will give it a try over the summer as I dive into a new research project. Could be just what I need.

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