Sleep first, eat later

I stumbled across Sleep is more important than food by Tony Schwartz yesterday, and knew immediately that I wanted to post about it on the site. There’s nothing particularly surprising or shocking in the article. However, it points out one of those things were we all know the facts, but we either don’t interpret them correctly or even bother analyzing them in the first place.

Specifically, the post questions why we’re so quick to give up on sleep when we’re trying to get things done, even though sleep deprivation is much worst than not eating enough. I’ve never thought about one versus the other. But, I’m also one of those people who snacks when I’m stressed,  I wake up hungry and ready for breakfast and I rarely skip meals. But, I have noticed before, that when I get really into what I’m doing, tons of time can fly by. I won’t pause to get a drink or eat. I’ll just keep working.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to share this article, is because the people I most commonly hear talking about “pulling an all-nighter” or not getting enough sleep period, are students. We wait to the last minute, and then feel the need to use every single possible second left to try and finish on time. We have hard paper deadlines and so it’s either finish or time, or don’t get a chance to possibly be published.

I think this post is a good reminder that we should step back and take a second to think through the consequences of staying up until 3 to work on an assignment versus getting some sleep and then starting fresh in the morning.

Have you pulled all-nighters before? Would you say they made you more or less productive?


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